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Proudly Supplying LVM Engines

LVM diesel marine engines

We are thrilled expand our inventory to include a wide range of VM engine parts and LVM Diesel Engines.

For over six decades, Cantiere Navale Lorenzoni has been a trusted partner with VM Motori, specializing in the servicing and sale of industrial marine engines, automotive engines, and spare parts. In 2016, our Livorno-based shipyard deepened its collaboration with VM Motori by acquiring semi-finished engines and transforming them into cutting-edge LVM-brand inboard engines. This strategic move not only enhances engine performance but also aligns with environmental standards outlined in the RCD2 regulation, effective since 2017. CE certification, a prerequisite for pleasure boats, is granted upon meeting these specifications.

Unlock Superior Power and Reliability with LVM Engines

LVM Diesel Marine Engine Installation

Discover the pinnacle of technology and reliability in contemporary LVM engines. Tailored for optimal performance in pleasure boats and a spectrum of light, medium, and heavy-duty applications, our engines boast an unparalleled weight-to-power ratio. What sets them apart in the market is the incorporation of distinctive reliability features, including precision gear timing and an advanced cooled turbine.

Choose LVM engines for an exceptional blend of cutting-edge technology and unwavering reliability, setting them apart as the premier choice for diverse marine and industrial applications.

ML700 Series Marine Engines

Experience excellence with our ML700 marine engines, meticulously crafted to meet the highest standards of performance and reliability. These diesel engines feature a sophisticated 4-stroke design, boasting direct injection, an electronically regulated 'common-rail' fuel system, turbocharger, and aftercooler for optimal efficiency. Available in 4 and 6 Cylinder options from 150HP to 350HP.

Noteworthy is the innovative cooling system, utilizing a fresh water-sea water heat exchanger with separate circuits and a removable tube bundle. This design ensures simplified and accessible maintenance, a crucial element for precise and effective marine engine repair. For more information on our top-tier marine engine maintenance services, kindly complete our contact form, and our team will be delighted to provide comprehensive details tailored to your specific needs.

LVM ML700 Series Diesel Engine


LVM ML704 Series Diesel Engine


ML 706 LX3 - 350 HP ML 704 LX - 225 HP
ML 706 LH3 - 320 HP ML 704 LH - 200 HP
ML 706 LI3 - 270 HP ML 704 LI - 150 HP


  • 4 stroke turbocharged and aftercooled, direct injection diesel engine with electronically controlled common rail injection.
  • Cooling controlled by separate fresh and salt water circuits, with extractable hoses for easy maintenance.
  • Lube oil, water and air circuits designed to reduce external flexible pipes to a minimum to reduce loss of liquids in the bilge.
  • Auxiliary devices driven by Poly-V belt to ensure excellent power transfer and long life.
  • Electrical circuit protected by reactivateable valves.

Standard Equipment

  • SAE flywheel housing
  • Starter motor: 12V
  • Alternator: 12V-110A
  • Oil and fuel filters
  • Air filter
  • Freshwater engine cooling system with seawater heat exchanger
  • Engine lubricating oil cooled by heat exchanger, seawater-cooled
  • Freshwater-cooled exhaust manifold and freshwater turbocharger
  • Bronze seawater circulating pump with impeller in special rubber
  • Centrifugal pump for freshwater circulation
  • Drain oil pump
  • Expansion tank integrated
  • Stainless steel exhaust gas/seawater mixer
  • Flexible mounts
  • Electrical instrument panel with alarms (8m panel cable extension)
  • White paint finish

ML 706 Series Specifications

Engine model ML 706 LX3 M706 LH3 ML 706 LI3
Max. Power 257 kW / 350 HP @ 3800 rpm 235 kW / 320 HP @ 3800 rpm 198 kW / 270 HP @ 3800 rpm
Max. Torque 700 Nm - 71.4 Kgm @ 2600 rpm 700 Nm - 71.4 Kgm @ 2600 rpm 500 Nm - 51Kgm - 2600 rpm
Number of Cylinders 6
Displacement 4.164 cc
Bore and Stroke 94x100 mm
Dry Weight 460 Kg - 1014 lbs
Cooling Water
Combustion Direct Injection Common Rail
Induction Turbocharged and intercooled
Emissions RCD2 RCD2
Dimensions (mm) 806(H) x 1188(L) x 762(W)

ML 704 Series Specifications

Engine model ML 704 LX ML 704 LH ML 704 LI
Max. Power 225HP 200HP 150HP
Max. Torque      
Number of Cylinders 4
Bore and Stroke 94x100 mm
Dry Weight  
Cooling Water
Combustion Direct Injection Common Rail
Induction Turbocharged and intercooled
Emissions RCD2 RCD2
Dimensions (mm)  

Elevate Your Marine Performance with VM Motori's Common-Rail Injection Models:

VM common rail diesel engines

In a relentless pursuit of excellence through advancements in materials and technology, VM Motori proudly introduces the MD series of marine engines, featuring electronic injection management. Evolving from the initial HR models, this progression culminated in the innovative MR series, incorporating BOSCH common-rail injection technology in 2007.

As a steadfast partner of VM Motori, Lorenzoni has been at the forefront of both sales and technical support. In collaboration with VM, we are thrilled to unveil the MR704 and MR706 series, strategically developed and updated to align seamlessly with the emissions parameters mandated for RCD2 approval. This critical update ensures compliance with regulations effective since January 17, 2017, showcasing our commitment to delivering cutting-edge marine engines with superior performance and environmental responsibility.

Diesel Marine Engines: Engineered for Every Application:

VM Marine Diesel Engines

In partnership with VM, Lorenzoni proudly presents the ML 704 and ML 706 marine engines, meticulously crafted at our cutting-edge shipyards in Livorno. These engines showcase distinctive construction features that distinguish us as leaders in the industry, offering a power range spanning from 150 to 350 horsepower. Setting them apart from their predecessors, the MR marine engines, these new ML models are not only more environmentally friendly but also deliver enhanced performance.

Key attributes such as precision gear timing and a sophisticated cooled turbine contribute to unparalleled reliability. This signifies a significant step forward in minimizing environmental impact while maximizing engine efficiency. Explore the exceptional capabilities of ML engines, tailored to meet the diverse needs of various applications with unmatched power, reduced emissions, and heightened reliability.